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CYMD is empowering the fight against cancer by unlocking actionable information from the genome.

In addition, CYMD's mission is to produce high quality, low cost diagnostic testing products to effectively contribute to the global infectious diseases relief efforts. CYMD's technology provides accelerated results and mobile accessibility to disease testings worldwide including low-income and developing parts of the world.

Meet the Team

We are biochemists and engineers who are committed to developing technology that will enhance human and environmental health.

Get to know the talented individuals of CYMD.

Dr. Sherman Lin

Founder, CEO
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Dr. Huynh Vu

Chief Research and Development Officer
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Dr. William Hanna

Chief Scientific Officer
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Cheng-Yao Chen, Ph.D.

Scientific Adviser and Consultant
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Bumsup Lee

Biotech Business Consultant
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Joey Park

Chief Accounting Officer
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Alex Yum

Chief Technology Officer
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Jose Hurtado

Associate Scientist
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Jason Lee

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Alex Issa

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