Companion Diagnostics for Precision Medicine in Oncology

PCR Tests for the detection of Cancer Mutations and Infectious Diseases

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CYMD focuses on Companion Diagnostics (CDx) for oncology precision medicine. Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide services that are driven by results.

As a company, our goal is to make molecular testing convenient and affordable while providing direct access to testing, anywhere and anytime.

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The accuracy of our approach has the potential to advance cancer diagnostics, and broadly enable clinical Sanger DNA sequencing with sensitivities matching that of PCR-based DNA mutation detection.

Sanger Sequencing CDx Tests

Traditional Sanger Sequencing methods have been widely used for CDx testing based on its simple workflow, low cost, and clarity of the results. However, it's use has been eclipsed by higher sensitivity PCR and NGS CDx tests.


Insufficient mutation detection sensitivity (Limit of Detection (LOD) ~ 15% mutant) leads to False Negative results for some patients.

PCR and NGS CDx Tests

Modern CDx tests for detecting DNA mutants in solid tumor FFPE samples use either PCR- or NGS-based methods CDx testing based on their higher sensitivity (LOD ~ 2-8% mutant average sensitivity across mutants) and their ability to survey dozens to hundreds of mutants in a single workflow.


PCR CDx tests are often times difficult to interpret near their Limit of Detection (LOD), and do not provide specific mutation information. And NGS CDx tests have the most complex workflows as well as being the most expensive CDx tests

Enhanced Sensitivity Sanger Sequencing (ESS)

Our enhanced sensitivity Sanger Sequencing technology overcomes the shortcomings of PCR- and NGS-based CDx technologies with easy to interpret Sanger plots with a Limit of Detection (LOD) below 5% mutant in a FFPE sample.

We are committed to furthering oncology and technology related to the science. We believe in using this technology to better aid and assist the public health.

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The difference

CYMD's Enhanced Sensitivity Sanger Sequencing (ESS) technology is a completely novel approach to CDx DNA Mutation Testing, combining the sensitivity of PCR CDx Tests with the sequencing capability of NGS.

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CYMD is now offering our lab services for High Sensitivity Mutant Detection (HSMD) and Enhanced Sensitivity Sanger Sequencing (ESS) testing. Order your tests today!

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