Dr. Huynh Vu

Chief Research and Development Officer

Dr. Huynh Vu has received Ph.D. degree in Bio-Organic chemistry, Biotechnology Department, the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1979. Since then, He worked as a chemist at Nippon Kayaku Chemical Co. Japan. In USA, He worked with Bio-Organic Chemistry Dept., Stanford Research Institute International, and with R&D Dept., Applied Biosystems Inc., Dr. Vu was senior Research Manager in anti-HIV research at Triplex Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Molecular Diagnostic R&D at Gen-Probe Inc. From 2009, Dr. Vu worked for Genomeplex Research Institute, Inc. in Manufacturing of HIV-1 Real Time PCR. During the latest seven years, he worked with few Start-Up Biotech companies in collaboration with partners in Vietnam, and Thailand, in the joint venture in developing and manufacturing molecular diagnostic product for detection, and prevention HIV/AIDS with affordable prices to Asian people. He has 28 years of experience in Molecular Diagnostics, and Anti-Virals, and more than 200 presentations, publications and product development documents.

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