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Enhanced Sensitivity Sanger Sequencing (ESS)

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High Sensitivity Mutant Detection (HSMD)

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CYMD now offers lab services to help businesses and individuals identify mutations in their samples.

CY Molecular is proud to offer our lab services to those needing help with detecting and identifying mutations in their samples. For a low cost, you can have custom results delivered to your inbox within just a few days!

Placing your High Sensitivity Mutant Detection (HSMD) or Enhanced Sensitivity Sanger Sequencing (ESS) order online is fast and simple.

Follow these steps to order your HSMD service:

1. Order online

Choose a service and fill out the form online, then we will contact you shortly.

2. Prepare Samples

Label your plates or tubes and properly seal to prevent leakage or evaporation.

3. Drop Samples

Place your sample bag with your clearly written order number in the Eton dropbox.

4. Get Results

Results will be emailed to you as soon as they become available.